Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You're Invited to a Tea Party!

Now that I've settled into my school schedule and I'm a little less stressed, I've decided to have a little tea party and you're all invited! So, pull up a chair, grab your favorite teacup, tea, and settle in for a bit.
I've been working on a few faux food themed swaps, and I loved the felted treats I made so much that I just had to take pictures. This time I did both needle felted treats, and treats that are sewn out of wool felt and embroidered. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy embroidering. I think I'll be doing more embroidered treats and brooches in the future.

I've invited two new friends to our teaparty. Meet Emma and Violet!

Aren't these the sweetest? These are made by the super sweet Jenn at the Lollipop Workshop. They are called Lolli Dolls. Jenn's been busy with the wedding cake season and hasn't had new Lolli Dolls for a while, but she posted new pics on her Flickr page last week and I begged for this sweet tea party set before she even had time to list it on Etsy. That was just days ago and now Emma and Violet are having their tea party in my studio! The photos I took don't do them justice, but Jenn's attention to detail is so impressive. Every mini cupcake and cookies has been individually made, there are even sprinkles on the teeny tiny cookies! I just love their sweet faces and have wanted a Lolli Doll for a while. These girls make me so happy! Thanks Jenn!
I've also been working on brooches for some swaps and have been thinking about offering them in my Etsy store. What do you think?
And since no tea party would be complete without real treats, here are some of the newest photos from pastry school. I haven't wanted to bore you all with too many photos of bread, but here are some of my yummier creations--please help yourself!

Caramel Sticky Rolls

Pecan Maple Sweet Rolls

Farmhouse Fruit Cake with Bourbon Cream Cheese Frosting. I don't like typical fruitcake, but this cake is the bomb! I think it has something to do with the bourbon soaked fruit and bourbon cream cheese frosting.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you've enjoyed yourself. Be sure to take a slice of cake home with you!
Take care!
xoxo Heather


Cakespy said...

Mon dieu! One tea party I would love to attend!!! I am not sure which I would go for first, the edible or non edible treats! Well, maybe the edible treats first, because they'd be more delicious, but that new cupcake pin is driving me crazy with its extreme cuteness!

Amanda said...

Definitely put those pins in your Etsy shop, I like them a lot!