Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who doesn't love pie?

Um, I don't. Well, I don't hate pie, but if presented a dessert buffet I'll choose any other dessert before a slice of pie (except cheesecake, I'm not crazy about cheesecake either, but that's another post). While I don't love pie, I do think that my pies from class this week have turned out rather pretty, so I' thought I'd post a mini pie gallery...

Blueberry Pie

Apple Ginger Pie
The crust was beautifully fluted when it went into the oven, but it kind of melted and came undone when it baked. Oops!

Vanilla Cream Pie with fresh whipped cream on top

I love this shot of the Vanilla Cream Pie.

Key Lime Pie

Please take a slice, have a cup of coffee and I'll check back soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vintage Kitchen Swap

I hope the week is treating everyone well & Mother Nature is cooperating wherever you hang your hat. It was a beautiful day up here in Connecticut. I wish I could bottle our dry mild weather and send it out to the Midwest.

Lately my whole world is baking and vintage kitchen goodies, and I seem to keep signing up for vintage kitchen swaps. I honestly can’t decide which part I’m enjoying more, putting the packages together for my partners or receiving my lovely packages. Today I’m mailing out this package to my partner who likes bright bold colors….

The pink and aqua breakfast sets are a really sturdy plastic. The pink and blue floral fabric is a really cute half apron (which my partner collects, hope she likes it).

I just adore this hand embroidered tea towel. It's so different from most tea towel designs.

I already received my package for this same swap! It isn't even due to be mailed out until Friday, so I'm even early, but my partner was super speedy. I had such a generous partner! All of the recipes and ephemera are from the 40's and 50's and came from her grandmother. They are all in mint condition. I can't believe how many she sent me. I really want to try some of the recipes. Some sound hideous, but most sound positively fabulous. I also just love the unique pink and black trimmed milk glass cup, saucer and creamer. I've never seen a pattern like it. It looks cute as can be in my studio.

She also sent me goodies for my kitchen which is red and white cherry themed.
I love this Jell-O cookbook. The irony is that I hate Jello, can't stand the stuff. But I've always been fascinated with how it looks, and the weird combinations of stuff people put in Jello. Being from Nebraska originally, I saw a frightening number of lime Jello Rings with shredded carrots and raisins in it. God, the thought of it still repulses me, but I do remember how pretty it looked. So this cookbook is oddly mesmerizing to look at for me. Thanks for all of my goodies Kerre!

I'm working on some new felted treats for a private swap, so hopefully I'll post new pictures of my creations soon. Until then, stay dry, stay cool and keep reaching for the stars. Hey, who let Kasey Kasem in here?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bakery Box Swap

Look at the fabulously cute box I received in the mail today! I was part of a Swap-Bot swap for a Bakery Box filled with Faux Treats (my favorite kind, of course). And wow, did I get the best partner! The lovely Miss Amanda sent me a whole box with felted sweaters made into cupcakes, cakes and a cookie. They are so super cute. Check out her other crafty wares at her Etsy store, Violet.

Here is the package I sent my partner, Debbie, for the same swap. You might remember some of the felted treats from my previous Afternoon Tea post. This was the swap I made them for, but they were mailed off to the UK, so I wanted to wait until Debbie received them to post the picture of all of her goodies. The Yankee Candle tarts were all yummy food scents too.

I have to admit that I had hoped to post on my blog more frequently. OK, I had crazy dreams that I'd post every day. Well, life and school has gotten in the way of that. So I apologize for the infrequent posts. My first pastry school class has been Intro to Breads and Rolls, and while I've really enjoyed it and learned to make yummy things, I didn't want to bore you all with too many bread pictures.
I have my practical final for this class tomorrow and Friday, during which I need to make: one yeast bread, a batch of muffins, and a batch of croissant or danish (the laminated doughs for these take an entire day to make). I'm planning on making a whole wheat bread with dried cranberries and blueberries, pumpkin muffins and plain and chocolate filled croissant. We also have a written final on Friday. Wish me luck!

Here are my chocolate and strawberry cream cheese filled croissant, danish with chocolate and cinnamon raisin filling, and apple filled danish in the back
Apple cinnamon raisin coffee cake style danish
Blueberry scones, made with fresh blueberries.
Next Monday I start my next class--Classic American. This class is basically the retro housewife cookbook--pies, cookies, apple brown betty, blueberry buckles, and desserts like that. It's only two weeks long. I'll keep you posted!

I hope everyone stays dry, tornado free and cool for the week!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked for two custom cupcakes for her girls so they could dress up as Pinkalicious. I was all about making custom cupcakes, but Pink a what? I'd never heard of this Pinkalicious. And as always seems to happen, over the next few days I saw Pinkalicious everywhere. Every blog I read had people sending their little ones off to Pinkalicious parties, so I just had to find out what this craze is all about.

I read that Pinkalicious is a cautionary tale about overindulgence. It's a book about a little girl who loves pink so much that she can't stop eating pink cupcakes by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann. It was like I was hearing about my life story! So, of course, I HAD to order it.

It really is a cute story and inspired me to create these Pinkalicious cupcakes!

I love this shot, especially because it's a little naughty looking. He, he, he.

Pink Power!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You're Invited to a Tea Party!

Now that I've settled into my school schedule and I'm a little less stressed, I've decided to have a little tea party and you're all invited! So, pull up a chair, grab your favorite teacup, tea, and settle in for a bit.
I've been working on a few faux food themed swaps, and I loved the felted treats I made so much that I just had to take pictures. This time I did both needle felted treats, and treats that are sewn out of wool felt and embroidered. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy embroidering. I think I'll be doing more embroidered treats and brooches in the future.

I've invited two new friends to our teaparty. Meet Emma and Violet!

Aren't these the sweetest? These are made by the super sweet Jenn at the Lollipop Workshop. They are called Lolli Dolls. Jenn's been busy with the wedding cake season and hasn't had new Lolli Dolls for a while, but she posted new pics on her Flickr page last week and I begged for this sweet tea party set before she even had time to list it on Etsy. That was just days ago and now Emma and Violet are having their tea party in my studio! The photos I took don't do them justice, but Jenn's attention to detail is so impressive. Every mini cupcake and cookies has been individually made, there are even sprinkles on the teeny tiny cookies! I just love their sweet faces and have wanted a Lolli Doll for a while. These girls make me so happy! Thanks Jenn!
I've also been working on brooches for some swaps and have been thinking about offering them in my Etsy store. What do you think?
And since no tea party would be complete without real treats, here are some of the newest photos from pastry school. I haven't wanted to bore you all with too many photos of bread, but here are some of my yummier creations--please help yourself!

Caramel Sticky Rolls

Pecan Maple Sweet Rolls

Farmhouse Fruit Cake with Bourbon Cream Cheese Frosting. I don't like typical fruitcake, but this cake is the bomb! I think it has something to do with the bourbon soaked fruit and bourbon cream cheese frosting.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you've enjoyed yourself. Be sure to take a slice of cake home with you!
Take care!
xoxo Heather