Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vintage Kitchen Swap

I hope the week is treating everyone well & Mother Nature is cooperating wherever you hang your hat. It was a beautiful day up here in Connecticut. I wish I could bottle our dry mild weather and send it out to the Midwest.

Lately my whole world is baking and vintage kitchen goodies, and I seem to keep signing up for vintage kitchen swaps. I honestly can’t decide which part I’m enjoying more, putting the packages together for my partners or receiving my lovely packages. Today I’m mailing out this package to my partner who likes bright bold colors….

The pink and aqua breakfast sets are a really sturdy plastic. The pink and blue floral fabric is a really cute half apron (which my partner collects, hope she likes it).

I just adore this hand embroidered tea towel. It's so different from most tea towel designs.

I already received my package for this same swap! It isn't even due to be mailed out until Friday, so I'm even early, but my partner was super speedy. I had such a generous partner! All of the recipes and ephemera are from the 40's and 50's and came from her grandmother. They are all in mint condition. I can't believe how many she sent me. I really want to try some of the recipes. Some sound hideous, but most sound positively fabulous. I also just love the unique pink and black trimmed milk glass cup, saucer and creamer. I've never seen a pattern like it. It looks cute as can be in my studio.

She also sent me goodies for my kitchen which is red and white cherry themed.
I love this Jell-O cookbook. The irony is that I hate Jello, can't stand the stuff. But I've always been fascinated with how it looks, and the weird combinations of stuff people put in Jello. Being from Nebraska originally, I saw a frightening number of lime Jello Rings with shredded carrots and raisins in it. God, the thought of it still repulses me, but I do remember how pretty it looked. So this cookbook is oddly mesmerizing to look at for me. Thanks for all of my goodies Kerre!

I'm working on some new felted treats for a private swap, so hopefully I'll post new pictures of my creations soon. Until then, stay dry, stay cool and keep reaching for the stars. Hey, who let Kasey Kasem in here?

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