Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

What is freedom? We’re all suppose to take today to observe the freedoms this country affords each and every one of us (I won’t address those freedoms that are systematically being taken away lately), and to thank those brave servicemen and women who have fought for us to have those freedoms. But what is freedom, and how does it affect us on a daily basis? The way I see it, freedom is the ability to live the way you want, to take chances, to explore new things, to love who you want, how you want…to be happy. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, I think we each have the freedom to experience life to the fullest.

I see too many people throwing away their chance at personal freedom, and ultimately happiness. From birth we’re each told what our lives should be like, where we should go to school, what jobs we should have, what lifestyle is acceptable to our friends and family, where we should live, how we should act and dress, all so we will theoretically fit within the posse we’ve been born into. I see so many people follow these pre-drawn maps, forcing themselves into boxes that were not designed for them. Consequently, there seems to be a whole lot of unhappy,

confused, frustrated, unsatisfied people wandering around each day doing things they are “suppose to do”.

Well, I say to hell with that! I’ve always been a bit off the beaten path, but have basically tried to stay right next to the path, one toe on the line, so as not to upset anyone. But as I’ve started breaking the rules (i.e. quitting my corporate job, making art, starting culinary school), I’ve found that nothing bad has happened! In fact, my whole life has opened up. I’m seeing through new eyes, trying new things, and like magic new prospects have come my way that I’ve never even considered. Sure, some people have said that I’m selfish and crazy for giving up a lucrative corporate job just because I want to enjoy my life
more, but I’m finding that the money is still out there, I just needed to find it.

Most of us in crafty Blogland seem to have the same vision—a life filled with more enjoyment, creativity, independence, friendships, and for many of us, a new business. So today I’d like to take my hat off not only to our veterans, and servicemen & women, but also those walking off the beaten path and trying something different. I salute those folks who dare to go back to school in those who quit jobs they hate to find more personally fulfilling careers. A HUGE thank you to the founders of ETSY who figured that there must be others out there who want to purchase beautifully handmade products. Most of all, I want to give a great big “Hell Yeah!” to all of us crafty bloggers who put our art, crafts and thoughts out there in the world just because it makes us happy!

So go out there today and enjoy the freedom to be you in all of your wonderful, unique, creative, off-beat, unconventional ways!

My new journey started this week with my first week of culinary school. My first class is Intro to Breads and Rolls. All of these delicious pics are my class products. I think they’re just beautiful!

I’m also long overdue to show you the fabulous swap package I received from my partner in the Atomic Housewife swap. Isn’t this apron just to-die-for? I love the vintage Jello mold fabric. Thank you Debbi!

Everyone have a great Memorial Day, eat tons, stay safe, and do something unexpected!


Kay Petal said...

Hi Heather -
I love your felted treats and this is my first visit to your blog - love it too! I read this post and just had to comment. I SO love creating in the kitchen. I have since I was a little girl. Recently, needle felting has possibly surpassed this passion, though. I left the job (ack!!) behind and am focusing full time on my new passion. Anyway!! I just wanted to say - way to go - pursue those dreams! Kay Petal

temptressyarn said...

Thanks for this beautiful post about freedom and how it's affected your life. I wanted to make a similar post but didn't take the chance on Memorial Day. Watching the local parade my thoughts stirred to wonder how many of the veterans and people watching there understood or would fight the battle we need to fight for the freedoms we're losing daily. It's good to see that your choices to break from tradition and the "accepted" norms of society are paying off for you. It gives the rest of us courage to keep trying to break from the herd.

P.S. Can you pass a piece of that olive bread? looks so yummy!

Emily said...

You're so inspiring! I'm walking right on the very edge of that path, just trying to summon the nerve to get off. It's good to hear that it's working out for you! Thanks for your concern about our storms. Things are returning to normal fairly quickly here.