Monday, April 14, 2008

Mad for Mini Treats

I've been so busy this past week that I haven't had time to make anything new myself. That hasn't stopped me from sneaking a few minutes to find new treasures from other people and make a few super cute purchases. I've been obsessed with miniature food for as long as I can remember. When I lived in Colorado I used to go to the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys about twice a year, and I'd always go at Christmas when they usually have 10 so completely decorated doll houses in all different styles, sizes and themes. I loved seeing them each year, but my absolute favorite part has always been the mini food! Mini cakes, cookies, mini turkeys, mini ginerbread houses, they all just knocked me out! How do they make them that small? Why in the world would anyone take the time to create such tiny things? I still don't have the answers, I just know that I loved them.

But I've love them from afar. I admire doll houses, but they're just too fussy for me, so I just couldn't justify buying mini fake food for no purpose. But my life has now changed! I have found my beloved mini food being made into fabulous jewelry!! I can wear my coveted miniatures!

You have to take a look at my new friend April's Etsy store Pukashell Creative Designs . She makes fabulously cute jewelry out of miniature sweet treats! The plated treat above is a deliciously adorable ring, below is a layered cake pin, and a sweet treat necklace. Aren't they irresistible ?

April also makes super cute amigurumi knitted play food. Don't you just love these ice cream cones?

And this is the cutest set of bonbon magents!
I have my very own necklace by April on the way --a plate of French pastry on a lovely blue china plate. I can't wait!! Jewelry and miniatures, all rolled into one. A food obessed girl's dream come true!
Check out Pukashell's Flickr page for even more adorable eye candy.

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