Monday, April 28, 2008

Culinary School, here I come! (Mid-Life Crisis Part Deux)

Check out my Flickr page to see the details of this pictoral ode to pastry

Yes, my mid-life crisis and quest to find the real Merry Moon continues. We'll call this act: The Tarlette Finds the Sweet Life. While I love the Brookfield Craft Center , my role there as operations director was completely administrative, and I left the corporate world because, while freakishly good at it, I HIGHLY DISLIKE administrative duties and upper management. I want a creative life where I DO creative things, work with my hands, make things and enjoy my days. I'm a hard worker, so don't get me wrong I love a daily challenge. But I'm completely over the thrill of the multi-page spreadsheets and IT manager challenges. I want to create and bring forth beautiful products into the world.

I have three things that I really love in life (besides my dear husband!): eating food, baking, and art. I spent months pondering what types of jobs I could try my hand at incorporating the things I truly enjoy. Oh, and I have found the love of Dr. Martins, so any job I take must allow me to wear my favorite clunky shoes (seriously, how did hundreds of thousands of punk rockers keep it a secret for decades how comfortable these shoes are?). After endless soul searching and career counseling from close friends, I had the A-ha moment of my life. I should go to culinary school and become a pastry chef!

And so I applied, got accepted and have finalized the details and quit my day job! Two more weeks and I'm a full-time student again. I'm starting school on May 19th at the Connecticut Culinary Institute and specializing in Professional Baking and Pastry Arts. I absolutely plan to continue Merry Moon Sweets & Treats. I want to blend both my felt treats and real sweet treats into one food lovin' life. We'll not literally blend them, that would be disgusting and not so sanitary. So, for all five of you who read my little blog, my plan is to keep you posted on my culinary schools adventures, sweet creations, as well as my felted sweet treats.
Wish me luck!

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