Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fruit Bowl for BowlFest

I finally finished a new felted piece to show you! This one isn't for sale, but was specifically created as a donation for the Brookfield Craft Center's annual fundraiser, BowlFest. BowlFest is a day-long celebration of food, music and fine hand crafts. This year it will be on June 1st, at the Brookfield Craft Center in Brookfield, CT. Everyone who comes gets a free handcrafted bowl to take home!

Many talented artists donated work for the BowlFest silent auction. The items up for auction will be on display at the Craft Center May 18-June 1, and people will be able to view the auction items online soon.

I was asked to do a felted bowl, but I just couldn't leave my bowl empty so I filled it with felted fruit. For once I remembered to document the progress of this project....

Naked fruit without their clothes! Their insides are entirely wool, no filler. I guess you could say they are full of fiber!

Now the fruit get their skins!

I think the peach and the banana are my favorite. I had to "peel" the banana because no matter what I did to the closed banana it looked way too phallic. And this is family friendly event! I think it's even cuter now.

All of the fruit is life sized. You know, I really like my lemon too.

Here's the whole bowl of fruit ready to fetch a lovely price for charity!

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