Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey, I thought this was a craft blog!

It definitely started that way, and I want to keep it a craft blog, but as this pastry school thing has taken over my life it’s also taken over my blog. It does seem like all I post lately are food pics. I’ve tried to spare you all the not-so-pretty and uninspiring pics of food (think apple brown Betty and bread pudding), but I’ve wanted to share the pretty and interesting creations I’ve been making.

But just as I suspect you all want to see some crafty things; I’m also am really trying to fit more art and crafts into my life for my own sanity.

So campers, it’s time for Arts and Crafts! We have a lot to cover today so let’s get started—

First, some exciting news…My friend Julie, Miss CupcakeDD herself, has awarded me the Brillante Weblog award! I’m so honored and surprised. I never think anyone reads my little blog. Thanks Julie for the award and your continued support!!!

Now I have the honor of passing the award on to a blogger that I adore and admire. I immediately knew who absolutely deserves the Brillante Weblog award…

Emily of Sugar & Meringue! Emily’s blog is fun, beautiful, interesting, and full of sweet vintage eye candy. I’m such a loyal reader!

Congratulations Emily!

As the new recipient here are some rules:

- Put the logo on your blog
- Add a link to the person who awarded you
- Nominate at least 1 other blog
- Add links to the blog(s) on yours
- Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

My next exciting announcement is that I'm participating in Artsy Mama's annual Sweet & Sinister 2008 Swap! I've been kind of swap crazy lately, and I've realized that I need to scale back and focus on my products and selling my crafty wares. But this swap is legendary and only the best of the crafty best get into this swap, and I'm sooooo excited that I'm in this year! As some of you know, I used to specialize in Halloween crafts so this will so much fun to put together a wonderfully sweet and sinister Halloween package for my partner.

Unbelievably, my swap partner is Miss Artsy Mama herself, Kari! I’m so honored and thrilled to have such a talented crafter as my partner! Here is a little peek at past sweet and sinister goodies I’ve created.

Now even MORE exciting news...I've been asked to join a new online shop that my friend Sadie Lou Who is putting together. It will be called LolliShops! How cute is that name? Well, the site Sadie is putting together is even cuter! In fact, it will be a "frou frou friendly marketplace." Now that sounds just perfect. We should be up and running by fall. I'll keep you all posted. Here's a sneak peek at LolliShop vendors and wares:

Do you see my cupcake felties right in the middle?
Look at all of these beautiful things! I'm so excited to be in such fabulously talented company!
I'm hoping to really focus all of my spare time on new products for LolliShops and my Etsy store.
Take care everyone and go make make something!


Sadie Lou said...

Yum Yum Yum!
So many yummy goodies in one post!
I'm in the Sweet & Sinister swap too!
I can't wait to see everyone's treats!

Lori said...

hi:) i found you via a comment you left with Sadie Lou...LOVE your blog and your etsy shop is JUST adorable!!! your felted treats are oh~so~sweet!!!