Monday, July 14, 2008

One Atomic Summer

Howdy campers! Well, this summer has pretty much been a bust so far. Sky high gas prices, outrageous food prices, and our vacation back in May is now just a distant memory (Paid for with our stimulus check we just received today. Gee, thanks George!). What’s a girl to do to make life more interesting? Have a luau!

My mail lady brought me a whole lot of summer fun in a box! My super awesome friend Julie, Miss CupcakeDD herself, hosted an Atomic Summer Swap. And I got the fabulous hostess herself as my partner! What a super lucky girl I am! Just look at all the treasures I received. So much vintage luau fun!

My grandmother had these glasses, but she never had such fun colors. I swear, the pink glass makes drinks taste better!

Look at this pile of fun! I love the fish toothpick holder (which goes with the platter below). There is also two sets of fun luau themed toothpicks, swizzle sticks, and colorful leis.

This picture doesn't do these justice: flamingo and palm tree swizzle sticks, parrot and pineapple crepe garlands (super fun!), luau napkins, and an adorable handmade charm tag.

But wait, there's more! Look at this awesome retro platter and cookbook. The cute fish toothpick holder goes in the center of platter for appetizers, but I didn't realize that at the time I took the picture. Yes, I'm a blonde.
See? Summer fun in a box. Thanks Julie! Summer is look up. I'll see you all by the pool with a fruity umbrella drink in my new pink retro glass.
Unfortunately, I snapped really lousy pictures of the package I sent to my partner, so I'll spare you those.

Here's a little peek at some new felties I've been working on. I originally made these for two swaps, but since posting the pics on Flickr I've already had orders for more! I'll be listing some in my Etsy store soon.

I hope you all find some summer fun and a yummy umbrella drink!


CupcakeDD said...

Oh no!! Did the fishy break on her way to you?! I knew I should have wrapped her better!! She's actually a toothpick holder (she came with the platter).

Heather said...

I finally figured out that the fishy was a toothpick holder for appetizers! It was a bid "Duh" moment for me. She did have a little accident, but she's already on her road to recovery! Thanks again Julie!

Amanda said...

How fun! I love the fish. I really like your cupcake felties too - good job!

Emily said...

I need to take part in some of these exchanges. How fun to have a package of goodies come in the mail! Your new felties are very sweet!

CupcakeDD said...

You've be given an award!!!
Come on over to my blog to check it out!!
Grins & Giggles!