Sunday, March 30, 2008

Art on the Menu

I just had to share some new food inspired art that I just found. Patianne Stevenson has a fabulous new Etsy store: Art on the Menu. Her work is simply delicious!

Can you believe these are all made out of cardboard? Below are two of her fabulous foodie acrylic paintings. I love the colors and shadows, very Hopper-esq--moody yet tasty. She's a super sweet gal too! You can check out more of Patianne’s work on her website

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I was on the Etsy Front Page!

I can't believe it, but I was featured on the Etsy Front Page today! Out of all of the millions of items listed on Etsy, mine was chosen. It really was very cool. A big thanks to Barbara of Pit Bull Lady Designs for emailing me to let me know, so I could see the Front Page for myself. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember how to capture a screen shot, and by the time I figured it out the page was changed. Just my luck! I was still thrilled that I got to see it, and the feature drove a lot of hits to my Etsy store, and I scored a sale. So, it was a great day!

This needle felted cake was the featured item. It's actually much larger than it looks in the photo. The cake is solid wool and stands nearly 6 inches tall to the top of the rose, and 6 inches in diameter on the bottom layer. The photo below shows how my larger cakes come gift packaged.

I have a custom order I'm working on and a few new pieces that should be up in my Etsy store soon. I'm also a bit obessed with penny rugs lately. There is a penny rug class coming up in a few weeks at the Brookfield Craft Center taught by Liz Alpert Fay. Her work is just amazing. She is a fiber artist who works with traditional rug hooking & penny rug techniques, but she uses contemporary designs & colors that make her work really fresh and fun. She's a fabulous instructor and if you get the chance, take one of her classes. I really hope I'll be able to work it out so I can take this class. I want to do a pink and aqua penny rug design. Here is some of her work:

Aren't these just fabulous? I've seen many of her pieces and they are even more stunning in person. I want one!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Treats

Easter Treats
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I desperately long for the days when you knew without hesitation that there would, without fail, be a fabulously sugary Easter basket waiting for you on Easter morning. I absolutely admit it, Easter was all about the candy for me, and it still is. I wish you all giant baskets filled to the brim with chocolate bunnies, Cadbury cream eggs (why the heck are they so disgustingly good?). jelly beans and Peeps. Mmmm Peeps.

Happy Easter!
xo Heather

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Pre-Midlife Crisis

I’ve been going through my pre-midlife crisis for about a year now. I emphasize “pre” midlife because I’m only 37, so clearly this can’t be my actual mid-life crisis. Although, god help me, I don’t want to go through this life re-org again. Anyway, about a year ago a ditched a financially successful, high level corporate career for the artistic life. Yep, I just came home one day and told my dear husband that I was quitting my job. No replacement job, no plan, I just hated it and I was out. And the sweet man that he is said the only appropriate thing at the time, “yes, dear.”

I admit it, I was a little crazed. I just knew I didn’t want to stare at a computer screen another day or negotiate another contract. I have a BFA; I’ve been an artist since I was ten years old. This 9-5, pinstriped suit and high heeled gig was clearly NOT the life I was meant to have. I saw people on TV all the time who had found their passion, were living their dream, and enjoying their lives. I wanted to be one of those people!
So, I quit my job last Spring. The problem was, I knew the life I didn’t want, but I didn’t know what I DID want.

I have made significant steps since then. I’ve started a little business, I’ve sold my art on eBay, I’ve opened my Etsy store, started my website, and finally (after a few dry runs) found my artistic niche that really makes me happy. Felted faux food! That explaination is for another post.

And, while I really didn’t want to initially, I did get another job. I'm a Virgo, so I have this odd thing about paying bills. But this job is different. I am now the Operations Director at the Brookfield Craft Center. We’re a non-profit school/gift shop/gallery promoting and educating adults about traditional fine handcrafts. I found the best of both worlds. I’m able to utilize my ├╝ber organized administrative skills, be around artists and beautiful artwork all day, and even teach classes. I think my “work” life is pretty settled now, so I really need to focus on that art business now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My New Signature Ring

Is this the cutest ring or what? I ordered this super delicious Cupcake Signet Ring from the Etsy store Metal Sugar. The owner's name is Melissa, and she's just as nice as can be. Each ring ordered is custom made and takes about 2 weeks, but I received mine even faster. The craftsmanship on this ring is impeccable and beautifully finished. And it was only $75! This is a must have for any cupcake lover.

I've been wearing mine non-stop since I received it and show it off to absolutely everyone. Thanks Melissa!

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Fabric Labels

I'm so excited about these new fabric labels for my needle felted sweet treats! I think they turned out really fabulous. I wanted stiched tags rather than inked, and it took me quite a while to find a vendor I could afford. I'm really pleased with these. The colors are perfect & I can't wait to sew them on my new pieces.

I should probably back up and explain that my business is called Merry Moon Sweets & Treats and it consists mostly of needle felted faux food. Think jumbo felt cupcakes, layered cakes and chocolates to give as gifts for special occassions.

Needle felting is a dry felting technique using a special barbed needle to felt wool roving. It's just amazing to transform fluffy wool into piece of art in just a few hours.
I should have some new work to post later this week. In the meantime, here are a few of my older pieces:

Have a great week!

Cheers! Heather

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taking the Plunge

I’m at that all important moment in every blogger’s life. I have a new blog…what the heck do I write about? I have hundreds of ideas, and in my mind they’re all fabulous and interesting. That second blog entry needs to be perfect, representative of me and my vision for my blog. I want it to be witty and compelling and, and……oh, heck, I just need to take the plunge and dive in. When writing a novel they always tell new writers that your book should usually start at chapter 3, right where the action really begins. So here goes--

I make needle felted faux food, mostly cakes, cupcakes and sweets to be exact. To be honest, I’m pretty food obsessed and I’ve just decided to embrace it. I love cakes and candy, sprinkles and frosting. The mere word “buttercream” makes me fall to my knees in ecstasy. Watching “Ace of Cakes” on the Food Network is my porn. OK, that was probably too much information.

Elizabeth B. Smith from Ebs Photography ordered a set of my jumbo felt cupcakes a few weeks ago. Elizabeth specializes in baby & kiddie photos that are just wonderful. She was so super sweet and sent me photos of this cutie patootie with one of my cupcakes. I love how huge they are in her little hands. Thanks Elizabeth!